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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Homie Ride
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

[Chorus--Master P x4]

I wonder when my homies ride

Cuz when I'm gone ain't no time tah shed tears and cry

[Master P]


Made money from cane, but times done change

I done change my life, but still trapped in the game

A young thug nigga hustlin' full of hennesey

Mama said P keep yah eyes on yah enemies

A lil' skinny nigga made it to the big times

No Limit Soldier still chased by the one time

I feel like it's, it's us against the world

Cuz every young nigga that I know is homie-furall

The game wont change me, but these streets made me

Papa wasn't home so these killas fuckin' raised me


[Chorus--Master P x2]

[Silkk the Shocker]

Now look

I got killas surroundin' me, but I don't know who gon' bust

Niggas aim fo' themselves, so I don't know who tah trust

Friend or foe, enemies or hoe

I don't know who tah dust

Bitches tell me it ain't even, so I don't know who tah fuck

Now look, I ride with ridahs, and plus I kill with killas (Uggggh)

Nigga deal with dealers, and plus I steal with stealers

Now they always told me Silkk, look you be the first tah get killed

But they done fucked up, and let me see my first fuckin' meal

Now I was like shit, I want hundreds in dough

Have two quarters like hundreds of hoes, and rock hundreds of shows

Receive letters from my niggas up in prison tellin' me

At the most come get us, at the least come and visit (Uggggh)

[Chorus--Master P x2]


Imagine the pain nigga, would you accept my debt?

Or would you hesitate, retaliation, on my last breath?

And I ain't talkin' 'bout no muthafuckin' people

I won't rest till I see a nigga dead in the concrete

I be a TRU Soulja till I'm buried

I leave 'em worried, gettin' high for my homies in the cemetery

I went from ghettos, tah condos, tah shows with hoes

Tah bustin' at fools with nickle plated fo' fo's

Huh, cuz Im'a ride for my tank dawgz

So put yah name on the wall, cuz I'm comin' tah get all y'all

No Limit niggas be the realest, so rest yah soul

Cuz fo' sho' they gon' feel it (Uggggh)

[Chorus--Master P x2]

[The Gambino Family--Verse 1]

I wonder will my thug niggas ride fo' me?

Nigga I wonder will they'll kill or die with me

I'm just a ghetto child tryna get rich

My home boy hate, man lifes a bitch

[The Gambino Family--Verse 2]

Hold yo' breath young niggas cause these streets a trip

Protect yah own and live long, man lifes a bitch

With my hopes to survive, I plan tah get rich

And if I die, fuck the cryin' and this funeral shit

My only wish is tah see this niggas pain for this shit

Lord forgive me, but revenge is the life that I picked

Homicides, hennesey, it's the life that we lead

And if I die, I got some TRU niggas comin' with me

Muthafuckas (Uggggh)

[Chorus--Master P x4]

Haha, no time tah shed no muthafuckin' tears nigga

When we gone, nigga smile

Some real niggas done moved on

And y'all niggas thats left, it's time tah muthafuckin' ride


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