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Frank Zappa
Album Lyrics: Strictly Commercial

Frank Zappa
"Strictly Commercial"

1. Dancin' Fool playlist
2. Dirty Love playlist
3. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama playlist
4. Cosmik Debris playlist
5. Trouble Every Day playlist
6. I'm The Slime playlist
7. Valley Girl playlist
8. Muffin Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Saarbrucken

Frank Zappa

1. Dancin' Fool playlist
2. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing playlist
3. Bobby Brown playlist
4. Nanook Rubs It playlist

Album Lyrics: Unmitigated Audacity

Frank Zappa
"Unmitigated Audacity"

1. Wowie Zowie playlist
2. Camarillo Brillo playlist

Album Lyrics: Have I Offended Someone?

Frank Zappa
"Have I Offended Someone?"

1. Valley Girl playlist
2. Bobby Brown Goes Down playlist
3. Titties N Beer playlist
4. Dumb All Over playlist
5. Catholic Girls playlist

Album Lyrics: Cheap Thrills

Frank Zappa
"Cheap Thrills"

1. You Are What You Is playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa
"Other Songs - Frank Zappa"

1. 50/50 playlist
2. Baby Snakes playlist
3. Dinah-Moe-Humm playlist
4. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow playlist
5. Eat The Yellow Snow (Pt 2) playlist
6. Excentrifugal Forz playlist
7. Father O'Blivion playlist
8. Frank Zappa playlist
9. Harder That Your Husband playlist
10. Heavenly Bank Account playlist
11. I Have Been In You playlist
12. Joe's Garage playlist
13. Joes Garage playlist
14. Magic Fingers playlist
15. Mom & Dad playlist
16. Montana playlist
17. Motherly Love playlist
18. Oh No! playlist
19. Saint Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast playlist
20. Stink Foot playlist
21. Tinseltown Rebellion playlist
22. Uncle Remus playlist
23. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? playlist
24. Zomby Woof playlist
25. I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth playlist
26. Motorhead's Midnight Ranch playlist
27. A Few Moments With Brother A. West playlist
28. A Kayak ( On Snow ) playlist
29. Advance Romance (in album You Can't Do That On Sta playlist
30. Babbette playlist
31. Brown Moses playlist
32. Carol, You Fool playlist
33. Chana In De Bushwop playlist
34. Cocaine decisions(in album You Can't Do That On St playlist
35. Courduroy ponce playlist
36. Cucamonga playlist
37. Dental Floss Tycoon playlist
38. Dew on the newts we got playlist
39. Diseases of the band playlist
40. Drowning Witch - in album you can't do that on sta playlist
41. Fifty - Fifty playlist
42. Flowing Inside - Out playlist
43. I Wish Motorhead Would Come Back playlist
44. It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal playlist
45. N - Lite playlist
46. Nig Biz playlist
47. Oh - Umm playlist
48. Once Upon A Time playlist
49. Penis dimension playlist
50. Ride My Face To Chicago playlist
51. Ruthie - Ruthie playlist
52. Satumaa playlist
53. Sweet Leilani playlist
54. The Groupie Routine playlist
55. This Is Phaze I I I playlist
56. Tush Tush Tush playlist
57. Undaunted Band Plays On playlist
58. Valarie playlist
59. We Gotta Get Into Something Real playlist

Album Lyrics: 200 Motels [1971]

Frank Zappa
"200 Motels [1971]"

1. Semi-fraudulent / Direct-from-hollywood Overture playlist
2. Mystery Roach playlist
3. Dance Of The Rock & Roll Interviewers playlist
4. This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Prologue) playlist
5. Tuna Fish Promenade playlist
6. Dance Of The Just Plain Folks playlist
7. This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Reprise) playlist
8. The Sealed Tuna Bolero playlist
9. Lonesome Cowboy Burt playlist
10. Touring Can Make You Crazy playlist
11. Would you like a snack? playlist
12. Redneck Eats playlist
13. Centerville playlist
14. She painted up her face playlist
15. Jane's big dance number playlist
16. Half A Dozen Provocative Squats playlist
17. Mysterioso playlist
18. Shove It Right In playlist
19. Lucy's Seduction Of A Bored Violinist & Postlude playlist
20. I'm stealing the towels! playlist
21. Dental Hygiene Dilemma playlist
22. Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You? playlist
23. Daddy, daddy, daddy playlist
24. What will this evening bring me this morning? playlist
25. A Nun Suit Painted On Some Old Boxes playlist
26. Motorhead's Midnight Ranch playlist
27. Dew On The Newts We Got playlist
28. The lad searches the night for his newts playlist
29. The Girl Wants To Fix Him Some Broth playlist
30. A girl's dream playlist
31. Little Green Scratchy Sweaters & Courduroy Ponce playlist
32. The Finale playlist

Album Lyrics: Halloween [2003]

Frank Zappa
"Halloween [2003]"

1. Magic fingers playlist
2. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow playlist
3. Stink-foot playlist
4. Dinah-Moe-Humm playlist
5. Muffin Man playlist
6. Ancient Armaments playlist
7. Dancin' Fool playlist
8. Conehead playlist
9. Suicide Chump playlist

Album Lyrics: Make A Jazz Noise Here [1986]

Frank Zappa
"Make A Jazz Noise Here [1986]"

1. Strictly Genteel playlist
2. The Orange County Lumber Truck playlist

Album Lyrics: Orchestral Favorites [1979]

Frank Zappa
"Orchestral Favorites [1979]"

1. Duke of Prunes playlist
2. Bogus Pomp playlist

Album Lyrics: Threesome No. 1 [1983]

Frank Zappa
"Threesome No. 1 [1983]"

1. Amnesia Vivace playlist
2. The Duke Regains His Chops playlist
3. Call Any Vegetable playlist
4. Soft-Sell Conclusion playlist
5. Big Leg Emma playlist
6. Why don'tcha do me right? playlist
7. America drinks playlist
8. Uncle Bernie's Farm playlist
9. Son Of Suzy Creamcheese playlist
10. The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet playlist
11. Absolutely free playlist
12. Flower Punk playlist
13. Hot Poop playlist
14. Nasal Retentive Calliope Music playlist
15. Mother People playlist

Album Lyrics: Absolutely Free [1967]

Frank Zappa
"Absolutely Free [1967]"

1. Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin playlist
2. America drinks and go home playlist

Album Lyrics: Playground Psychotics [1992]

Frank Zappa
"Playground Psychotics [1992]"

1. Status Back Baby playlist
2. Billy The Mountain playlist
3. Cruising for burgers playlist
4. Scum Bag playlist

Album Lyrics: Understanding America [2012]

Frank Zappa
"Understanding America [2012]"

1. Brown shoes don't make it playlist
2. Disco Boy playlist
3. 200 Years Old playlist
4. Promiscuous playlist
5. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk playlist
6. Road ladies playlist
7. Hungry Freaks, Daddy playlist
8. Who Are The Brain Police? playlist
9. You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here playlist
10. Trouble Every Day playlist
11. We're turning again playlist
12. I don't even care playlist
13. Find Her Finer playlist
14. Camarillo Brillo playlist
15. Dumb All Over playlist
16. Plastic people playlist
17. The Central Scrutinizer playlist
18. Cocaine decisions playlist
19. Can't Afford No Shoes playlist
20. I'm The Slime playlist
21. Mom & Dad playlist
22. Be in my video playlist
23. It Can't Happen Here playlist
24. Concentration Moon playlist
25. Who Needs The Peace Corps? playlist
26. Heavenly Bank account playlist

Album Lyrics: Ahead Of Their Time [1993]

Frank Zappa
"Ahead Of Their Time [1993]"

1. Prologue playlist
2. Progress? playlist
3. Like it or not playlist
4. The Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson playlist
5. Holding The Group Back playlist
6. Holiday in Berlin playlist
7. The rejected Mexican pope leaves the stage playlist
8. Agency man playlist
9. Epilogue playlist
10. King Kong playlist
11. Help, I'm a rock playlist
12. Transylvania Boogie playlist
13. Sleeping in a Jar playlist
14. Harry, You're A Beast playlist

Album Lyrics: Strictly Commercial [1995]

Frank Zappa
"Strictly Commercial [1995]"

1. Let's Make The Water Turn Black playlist
2. San Ber'dino playlist
3. Montana playlist
4. Fine Girl playlist
5. Tell me your love to me playlist

Album Lyrics: Saarbrucken [1991]

Frank Zappa
"Saarbrucken [1991]"

1. Nanook Rubs It playlist
2. Village of the sun playlist
3. Flakes playlist

Album Lyrics: Apostrophe (') [1974]

Frank Zappa
"Apostrophe (') [1974]"

1. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast playlist
2. Father O'Blivion playlist
3. Excentrifugal Forz playlist
4. Apostrophe playlist
5. Uncle Remus playlist

Album Lyrics: Buffalo [2010]

Frank Zappa
"Buffalo [2010]"

1. Cosmik Debris playlist
2. Chunga's Revenge playlist
3. You Are What You Is playlist
4. Mudd Club playlist
5. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing playlist
6. Tinsel town Rebellion playlist
7. Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? playlist
8. Pick Me, I'm Clean playlist
9. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? playlist
10. City of tiny lites playlist
11. Easy Meat playlist
12. The Torture Never Stops playlist
13. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes playlist
14. I'm so cute playlist
15. Andy playlist
16. Joe's Garage playlist
17. Stick it out playlist
18. Bobby Brown playlist
19. Ms. Pinky playlist

Album Lyrics: Baby Snakes [1983]

Frank Zappa
"Baby Snakes [1983]"

1. Baby Snakes playlist
2. Black Page #2 playlist
3. Jones Crusher playlist
4. Punky's Whips playlist

Album Lyrics: Have I Offended Someone? [1997]

Frank Zappa
"Have I Offended Someone? [1997]"

1. Titties N Beer playlist
2. Yo cats playlist
3. Goblin Girl playlist
4. In France playlist
5. He's so gay playlist
6. Sex playlist
7. Valley Girl playlist
8. Jewish Prinsess playlist

Album Lyrics: Bongo Fury [1975]

Frank Zappa
"Bongo Fury [1975]"

1. Debra Kadabra playlist
2. Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top playlist
3. Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead playlist
4. Man With The Woman Head playlist

Album Lyrics: QuAUDIOPHILIAc (2004) [2004]

Frank Zappa
"QuAUDIOPHILIAc (2004) [2004]"

1. Naval Aviation In Art? playlist
2. Lumpy Gravy I playlist
3. Drooling Midrange Accountants On Easter Hay playlist
4. Wild love playlist
5. Ship Ahoy playlist
6. Waka/Jawaka playlist

Album Lyrics: The Perfect Stranger [1984]

Frank Zappa
"The Perfect Stranger [1984]"

1. Love Story playlist

Album Lyrics: Broadway The Hardway [1988]

Frank Zappa
"Broadway The Hardway [1988]"

1. Elvis has just left the building playlist
2. Planet Of The Baritone Women playlist
3. Any kind of pain playlist
4. Dickie's Such An Asshole playlist
5. When The Lie's So Big playlist
6. Rhymin' Man playlist
7. The Untouchables playlist
8. Why don't you like me? playlist
9. Bacon fat playlist
10. Murder By Numbers playlist
11. Jezebel Boy playlist
12. Outside Now (in album Broadway The Hard Way) playlist
13. What kind of girl? playlist

Album Lyrics: Cheap Thrills [1998]

Frank Zappa
"Cheap Thrills [1998]"

1. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel playlist
2. Catholic Girls playlist
3. Bobby Brown Goes Down playlist
4. We are not alone playlist
5. Cheap thrills playlist
6. Zomby Woof playlist
7. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama playlist

Album Lyrics: Does Humor Belong In Music? [1986]

Frank Zappa
"Does Humor Belong In Music? [1986]"

1. WPLJ playlist
2. Cock-suckers' ball playlist
3. Trouble Every Day (in album Does Humor Belong In M playlist
4. Whippin' Post (in album Does Humor Belong In Music playlist

Album Lyrics: Burnt Weeny Sandwich [1969]

Frank Zappa
"Burnt Weeny Sandwich [1969]"

1. Igor's boogie, phase one playlist
2. Overture To A Holiday In Berlin playlist
3. Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich playlist
4. Igor's Boogie, Phase Two playlist
5. Holiday in Berlin, Full-blown playlist
6. Aybe Sea playlist

Album Lyrics: Fillmore East [1971]

Frank Zappa
"Fillmore East [1971]"

1. Little house I used to live in playlist
2. The Mud Shark playlist
3. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? playlist
4. Bwana Dik playlist
5. Latex Solar Beef playlist
6. Willie The Pimp Part I playlist
7. Willie The Pimp Part II playlist
8. Do You Like My New Car? playlist
9. Happy together playlist
10. Lonesome Electric Turkey playlist
11. Tears began to fall playlist

Album Lyrics: Chunga's Revenge [1970]

Frank Zappa
"Chunga's Revenge [1970]"

1. Twenty small cigars playlist
2. The Nancy & Mary music playlist
3. Would You Go All The Way? playlist
4. The clap playlist
5. Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink playlist

Album Lyrics: Tinsel Town Rebellion [1981]

Frank Zappa
"Tinsel Town Rebellion [1981]"

1. Tell me you love me playlist
2. For The Young Sophisticate playlist
3. Bamboozled By Love playlist
4. Brown Shoes Don't Make It (in album Tinseltown Reb playlist
5. Dance contest playlist
6. I Ain't Got No Heart (in album Tinseltown Rebellio playlist
7. Panty Rap playlist
8. Peaches III playlist
9. The Blue Light playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost Episodes [1996]

Frank Zappa
"Lost Episodes [1996]"

1. Sharleena playlist
2. Fountain of love playlist
3. Any way the wind blows playlist
4. The blackouts playlist
5. Lost In A Whirlpool playlist
6. Ronnie sings? playlist
7. Kenny's Booger Story playlist
8. Ronnie's Booger Story playlist
9. Mount St. Mary's Concert Excerpt playlist
10. Tiger Roach playlist
11. Run home slow theme playlist
12. Charva playlist
13. The Dick Kunc Story playlist
14. Cops and Buns playlist
15. I'm a band leader playlist
16. Alley Cat playlist
17. Wonderful Wino playlist
18. Inca Roads playlist
19. Drafted Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Civilization Phaze III [1994]

Frank Zappa
"Civilization Phaze III [1994]"

1. They Made Me Eat It playlist
2. A Very Nice Body playlist
3. How The Pigs' Music Works playlist
4. Dark Water! playlist
5. Religious Superstition playlist
6. Saliva Can Only Take So Much playlist
7. Someplace Else Right Now playlist
8. Attack! Attack! Attack! playlist
9. This Ain't Cnn playlist
10. This Is All Wrong playlist
11. A Tunnel Into Muck playlist
12. You're Just Insultin' Me, Aren't You! playlist
13. Cold Light Generation playlist
14. Dio Fa playlist
15. That Would Be The End Of That playlist

Album Lyrics: You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore vol 4 [1991]

Frank Zappa
"You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore vol 4 [1991]"

1. Love of my life playlist
2. Let's move to Cleveland playlist
3. Outside now playlist
4. The Black Page playlist
5. Stevie's Spanking playlist
6. Stick together playlist
7. Florentine Pogen playlist
8. The closer you are playlist
9. Truck driver divorce playlist
10. Teenage Wind playlist
11. Approximate playlist
12. Are You Upset? playlist
13. Carolina Hard - Core Ecstasy playlist
14. Church Chat playlist
15. Johnny Darling playlist
16. Little Girl Of Mine playlist
17. Little Rubber Girl playlist
18. Mary Lou playlist
19. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (in album You Ca playlist
20. No, no cherry playlist
21. Smell My Beard playlist
22. Take Me Out To The Ball Game playlist